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In the first night of our 2008-2009 season, the SPD@FIT Speaker Series presents a celebration of New York Magazine’s 40th anniversary, with co-founder Milton Glaser; original Art Director Walter Bernard; Robert Newman, Art Director for a time in the mid-90s; current Design Director Chris Dixon and Editor-In-Chief Adam Moss. Moderated by Blender Creative Director Dirk Barnett, the panel discusses the magazine’s creation in 1968 & the way it shaped city/regional magazines to come, the evolution of the logo, the role of infographics in the magazine, the myth of working with a “giant budget,” the realities of collaborating with the design and photo communities, and, of course, ideas for the McCain Cover Challenge ‘08.

Chris Dixon interview !

Art Director du New York Magazine

et Vanity Fair actually

SKETCHBOOK 1994-1995

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Who is Marvin Israel || Trailer

SKETCHBOOK 1998-2001 last part

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SKETCHBOOK 1998-2001 part 02

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SKETCHBOOK 1998-2001 part 01

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Sketchbook 1990-1993

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SKETCHBOOK 1988-1990

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Last cover

before transformation !

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